Why We Should Celebrate Small Wins

At the moment, I think it’s fair to say that even though we’re all staying at home, comparison is still king on social media.

It seems like my social feeds are full of people still appearing to live their best life – doing yet another online workout, sharing a healthy recipe, completing a home project or upping their Tik Tok game.

Kill Comparison

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Granted, this blog was born out of having so much free time on my hands it was impossible to ignore the urge to create the idea that had been in my head for months.

Nevertheless, seeing what everyone else is doing on social media has had me convincing myself that I should be spending absolutely all of my lock down time doing productive activities, because that’s clearly what the rest of the World is doing.

This of course isn’t true, and I’ve learnt this mindset comes from a lack of self-belief – something that we can all be guilty of at times – I’ve personally struggled with it for various reasons ever since I was a teenager. It therefore doesn’t make sense for us to be so hard on ourselves – we need to give ourselves a break, big time.

Take a moment to check in with how you’re feeling when you’re scrolling on your social media. If you’re feeling anxious, annoyed, angry or anything similar, consider either limiting your screen time or curating your feed so that you only see content that makes you feel good. There’s no point making an already challenging time even more challenging on your mental health.

Embrace a Slower Pace

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The pace of life has slowed down massively ever since lock down, so what constitutes a win for each of us has changed. Before all this, successfully nailing a presentation for the most senior members of the business I work for was a big win for me. Now, a big win is figuring out something technical with my blog, or having my latest bake come out of the oven looking edible and tasting half decent. On the weekend my wins included putting a load of washing on and hanging it up to dry and running the hoover round the flat for 5 mins.

Whether something is a win for you or not depends on the amount of energy you have available to give to an activity. With the constant air of uncertainty at the moment, lets face it, some days we wake up feeling meh, not really wanting to do anything at all. On days like these simply getting washed and changed out of your pjs is a win.

How to Celebrate Small Wins

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During such mentally exhausting times, celebrating your small wins can help you have the momentum you need to go from one day to the next without wanting to burst into tears every 5 minutes. Just Marie Kondo-ed your drawers? Soak in a hot bubble bath. Baked a delicious batch of scones? Sit down to enjoy them with a cup of tea and your favourite book. Did 3 online workouts this week? Binge watch a series on Netflix.

Even the smallest activities you achieve day to day should and deserve to be celebrated. We’re all doing our best with the amount of energy we have and we shouldn’t feel bad with how that manifests itself into our days.

What was your win today and how did you celebrate it? I’d love to hear, so please share in the comments.

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