10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas For Easter Weekend

One of the stipulations I have with my boyfriend about our relationship is that we have at least a couple of date nights a month – ideally once a week. Ordinarily, these date nights mainly consist of dinners and drinks out, a trip to the cinema, or a competitive round or two of crazy golf.

Conventional date nights have clearly gone out of the window at the moment – yet another thing we all have to adjust to because of the c-bomb. However, I’m also very conscious that I’m spending all day every day with my boyfriend at the moment, and he’s already starting to bug me. I want to keep things fresh in the romance department so that I don’t get to the point where I loathe the sight of him!

I’ve been scouring the internet to find some ideas for at-home date ideas that won’t break the bank, and that will hopefully keep the spark alive even when cabin fever seriously sets in for us both. (these tips would also be great if you have young kids and ‘normally’ can’t go out anyway)

Here’s my top 10 for you to give a try this Easter weekend:

1. Movie Night Pot Luck

Image from Unsplash

I got this idea from the lovely @mrshinchhome on Instagram. In a slight change to a standard movie night, her and her husband wrote down 5 films each that they wanted to watch. They folded each of the films they had written down up and put them in a jar. They then take it in turns to pick a film to watch in the evening. No more fighting over what to watch!

2. Board/Card Games

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I have to admit that when we’ve been skint at the end of the month, me and the boyfriend have done this before. It’s amazing how a game of Scrabble can become so heated – the dictionary has come out on more than one occasion! You could also play The Game of Life, Monopoly, or your favourite card game.

3. Ask Questions

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There are all sorts of conversation starter card decks you can buy online to build a stronger connection with your other half – anything from reminiscing on moments you’ve shared, to pondering the big questions in life, or conversations to get you in the mood. (ahem)

4. Have a Tasting Party

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This could be anything from wine, chocolate, ice-cream or cheese. Set up tasting stations in your living room or kitchen complete with little note pads for each of your tasting notes.

5. At Home Spa Date

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This idea is one I’m keen to try – run a lovely bubble bath for you to both and share a bottle of prosecco while you soak. If you’re feeling especially romantic you could then move on to giving each other massages with essential oils. Or, you could apply face masks to one another.

6. Country Themed Dinner Date

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Cook together to create a meal from your chosen country. To keep on the lock down theme (sorry I had to go there) you could try making home made pizzas, (Italy) paella (Spain) or a sweet and sour curry. (China)

7. Karaoke

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I would definitely be up for this, (I used to play Disney SingStar as part of pre-drinks with certain pals when I went on nights out in my early 20s) however, I’m sadly resigned to the fact that this one won’t be an option for me – my boyfriend just isn’t the type to enjoy this kind of thing. If, on the other hand, you and your other half are up for giving this a go, try searching for karaoke versions of songs on YouTube and google the lyrics to go with them, then sing your hearts out!

8. Picnic

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This suggestion is great if you actually have a back garden or balcony to make things that little bit more authentic – weather permitting of course. Although it could still work just as well on the floor in your living room. Set yourselves up with a blanket, some cushions, and all your favourite picnic style food. To keep things very British I’m thinking quiche, scotch eggs, sandwiches, and strawberries and cream.

9. Video Game Challenge

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It tells you the type of man that I live with that he would be absolutely buzzing if we tried this idea as a date night. Go head to head with your partner at game of your (or lets face it his) choice. I’m pestering my boyfriend to help me re-live my childhood and buy Crash Bandicoot Team Racing so we can battle it out on the track.

10. Build a Den

Image from Unsplash

I know this one probably sounds the most ridiculous, but bear with me, because I actually think it would make for a cute night together. Use your sofa cushions, blankets, duvets and chairs to make yourselves a little den. Add fairy lights to give it a more romantic touch, then cosy up and make bucket list plans of all the exciting things you’ll do together once things return back to ‘normal’. Bonus – if you have children you can leave this up for them to use as a den/fort the next day.

Which of these lock down date ideas are you keen to try? I’d love to hear if you have ideas of your own too – add them in the comments.