How I’m Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (& How You Can Too)

December 2019; I vividly remember leaving my small shared office to lock myself in the toilet to have a little cry. The stress all felt too much and crying was the release I needed.

What had triggered this episode in the toilet was a comment from a more senior colleague that insinuated she’d been waiting too long for a report I was due to run for her. That’s how it played out in my head anyway. I was convinced that this colleague I respected thought I was incompetent, and it stung hugely.

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The comment was just one of a couple which broke the camel’s back as it were. I had been feeling like a fraud and like I was ‘winging it’ for months, convinced that I was doing a bad job. In that moment in the toilet I felt so overwhelmed with my work load and increasing responsibility, that I seriously considered leaving.

Just over a year earlier I had accepted the job knowing that it would be a challenge, (I had no previous experience in the field) but feeling relatively confident that I could draw on all the previous career and life experience I had and make it work. I told myself then that I wouldn’t have been given the role if my boss didn’t think I could do it.

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Being Honest

Cut to early February 2020, and I finally admitted to my boss that I was struggling with feeling anxious and not good enough. As soon as the words were out, it felt like a massive weight had been lifted. I had avoided saying anything for so long because I thought it would be admitting I was weak.

Which I know sounds ridiculous – and it was ridiculous because in my yearly review my boss told me I was doing really well. She also changed the way she gave me constructive feedback so that it didn’t feed my anxiety any further.

It was only after admitting that I was struggling, and doing a little research of my own, that I realised I had been suffering with Imposter Syndrome.

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What is Imposter Syndrome?

There is no Imposter Syndrome ‘test’ as it were, (or certainly not one that I’m aware of anyway) but there are definitely signs to be aware of. For example, if any part of my story resonates with you, then it’s likely that it’s something you’re trying to deal with too.

To begin to help tame that inner imposter, I find that it helps to have an understanding of exactly what it is. Imposter Syndrome stems from the core belief that we’re inadequate, incompetent and a failure, despite evidence that shows we’re skilled and successful. It’s when you feel like an intellectual fraud – unable to internalise or celebrate your achievements.

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If this is all sounding familiar, perhaps these everyday examples might help solidify things further.

Like me, do you worry that you’re not living up to the expectations of other people? Especially when it comes to work.

Do you go overboard with with planning tasks and goal setting? I was writing such extensive to-do lists, that it was scary just looking at them!

Or, have you avoided asking for a raise even though you’ve been in your job for a while and would be worthy of it?

The good news is that we’re by no means alone in this. In fact, we’re in great company. Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Tina Fey and Lady Gaga are just a few hugely successful women that have identified as having Imposter Syndrome at some point in their career.

It’s so easy to get lost in the overwhelm that feeling like an imposter plunges you into. I let it drag me under for several months. However, here’s how I’ve started to overcome Imposter Syndrome, and I hope what I’ve learnt can help guide you with doing the same too.

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Break Your Silence

Speak to someone about how you’re feeling. If you don’t feel strong enough to tell your boss just yet, tell a trusted friend. Talking things through will help you get out of your own head. When I eventually told my boss I was so surprised and relieved to realise that everything I had been telling myself had no evidence to validate it being true.

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Accept Praise As Genuine

People aren’t just being nice! You wouldn’t be given praise if there wasn’t reason for it. Believe me, it can be so easy to explain away your achievements as something that any one could have done, or just luck. They’re not – you worked hard and deserve to be recognised for it.

Image by Priscilla du Preez on Unsplash

Know You’re Doing Your Best

We set such a high bar for ourselves of standards we should be achieving, that often the goals we set aren’t even realistic. Try to start measuring your own success on whether you’ve tried your best today. If you have, no one can ask anything more from you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. How has Imposter Syndrome made you feel? And what has it taught you about yourself?

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Everything I’ve Learnt From Getting Divorced

After a period of over two years of being gradually more and more unhappy, I made the decision to separate from my (now ex) husband in the summer of 2017. A year and a half later, just before my 31st birthday, the official divorce papers came through. After 8 years of marriage, I was divorced. To say it felt like a massive weight had been lifted would be an understatement.

My Story

The journey that I’ve been on with divorce has been one of three stages; the idea, the reality, and the aftermath.

Image by Karim Manjra on Unsplash

The Idea

The idea of divorce, and more so the initial separation, took what felt like a very long time to realise. After years of experiencing what I now see as gas-lighting behaviour, I had what felt like a constant tug of war in my head as to whether I should end things or not. My self-esteem was at an all time low, but I knew I deserved to be happy, and couldn’t carry on as I was.

The Reality

The reality was messy, difficult, frustrating, and at times infuriating. It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my life. Mostly because of the weight of guilt I felt for breaking someone’s heart. The guilt is something that has taken me a long time to be at peace with.

The most difficult part was dealing with my ex during the divorce process. It was something that made me so stressed, that I ended up getting quite a serious viral infection, and seeking life coaching so that I could better cope with the mental health journey the divorce was sending me on too.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The Aftermath

The aftermath feels like relatively calm ripples after the storm. Some aspects of our relationship still affect me, and can come as unexpected waves out of the stillness. In the weeks we’ve had in lock down, I’ve started to take steps towards making my vision of having a successful blog a reality.

What’s come as quite a shock is that I haven’t thought about my ex this much in a long time. I’m having nightmares about him, and remembering how he didn’t support me when I tried to make a venture work for myself in the past. However, I know that this will pass with time, and it’s just my brain’s way of processing me taking a massive step outside of my comfort zone.

Image by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Two Sides to Every Story

I wanted to give you a snap shot of how my divorce played out so that you can hopefully better understand why and how I’ve learnt the things along the way that I have. I also should highlight that this is just my side of the story, and no doubt he has his own feelings about what happened too, and it wouldn’t be fair not to acknowledge that. We were part of the same story for so long, but that story just wasn’t making sense any more; we couldn’t be what each other needed.

Sitting here, now, and writing this post, I’m so glad that I decided to end my marriage. I’m so grateful for everything it forced me to see about myself and my relationships, and I’ve come much further in a few short years than I ever thought I was capable of. So here’s the low down of exactly what I learnt…and for the record, (just in case you were wondering) I do still believe in marriage, it just didn’t work for me.

What I’ve Learnt

Communication Is Everything

Image by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Sadly, I was so young and naïve when I got married (I was 21) that I didn’t appreciate just how big a cornerstone of marriage, and any healthy relationship for that matter, communication is. This resulted in lots of burying my head in the sand, rather than actually talking about how I was feeling.

Then, during the last couple of years of my married life, communication between me and my husband became pretty much non existent. He had his own issues that he was struggling to deal with, and I was afraid to bring up how I was feeling about the whole situation because whenever I tried to, it would end in a fight. So I gave up trying.

I’ve taken this lesson with me into my current relationship. Although it’s felt hugely uncomfortable at times, I’ve made a point (to myself at least) of asking the difficult questions, letting him know when and why I’m annoyed, and making sure we’re on the same page when it comes to what we have planned for our future together.

To Appreciate My Own Self Worth

Image by Bart Larue on Unsplash

It’s only with hindsight that I can say, due to my own limiting beliefs (which I’m still working on) I allowed the gas lighting behaviours that my ex portrayed in the final years of our marriage to damage my sense of self-worth.

After years of being told I was ‘fat’ (funny how that one always sticks with us ladies) and ‘not the type of person’ that would be good at this, that, or the other, I lost all sense of who I was and where I fitted into the world.

It was with the support of my amazing friends and family, as well as reading a variety of personal development books, that I began to see what my strengths were, and act on them. I appreciated me for me – quirks and all.

Fast forward to know, and I’m proud of the woman that I’ve become, for the values that I have, what I know I can achieve, and the joy I can bring to other people’s lives.

To Be Better With Money

Image by Josh Appel on Unsplash

I was never great with money to begin with, but my marriage basically falling apart definitely made it a whole lot worse! In fact, I never really got into any personal debt (apart from my student loan) until the second half of my marriage.

As I became more and more unhappy, the more I spent money on going out late drinking and dancing till all hours, or going to as many dance classes as I could get my hands on. (dance became my medicine) In order to fund all this, I was spending more than I was earning – creeping further and further into my overdraft, or putting things on my credit card.

Things really spiralled out of control with my spending when I booked a long weekend to Ibiza with some friends – paid for entirely on my credit card. With hindsight I can see that this was a silly thing to do, however, I don’t regret the experience and see it as another big signal as to how unhappy I was. After yet another episode of burying my head in the sand, I knew I had to do something to get a handle on the debt I’d built up.

Now, there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t check my banking app. I’ve also consolidated the majority of the debt that I built up so that it’s more manageable for me to pay back. I still have a way to go, but I feel so much better having set myself up a budget and knowing exactly where my money is going each month.

The Art of Forgiveness

Image by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

This was by far the the lesson that took me the longest, and was the hardest for me to learn. Part of why I ended up getting ill through stress was because I was still bitter and resentful towards my ex-husband. I told myself it was for good reason too.

As well as spending a lot of money on myself, I also wiped out the savings I had had previously to support my husband through a period of time where he couldn’t work. Despite my asking him to contribute on multiple occasions, I also footed the solicitors bill for all the paperwork relating to our divorce. He was therefore the obvious outlet for me to direct all my money-related anger and frustration towards.

Through the life coaching that I had whilst the divorce proceedings were taking place, I saw that holding on to the bitterness and anger was not serving me mentally or physically, so I needed to let them go.

One of the tasks I was given was to write a letter to my ex forgiving him for everything that I saw him as having done wrong. It was such a turning point, as it signified letting go of the past, and I felt so much lighter for having written it.

Image by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

It was a major stepping stone to where I am today; happier than I’ve ever been, and all because I chose to walk away from something that I knew was broken beyond repair.

Do any of there lessons resonate with you? (whether you’re divorced yourself of not) I’d love to hear your thoughts – share them in the comments and we can start a discussion.

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5 Quotes By Inspiring Women That Will Change The Way You Think

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently, and as a collective, I think the c-bomb has made us feel lost. For many the uncertainty about what is to come still hangs heavy over us – just like the rain clouds that have plagued many of us in the UK in the past week.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record of what we’ve already been hearing in the media, when we eventually come out of lock down (for which, at the time of writing, there still is no end date) our life as we know when it comes to working, socialising, and sadly, how we enjoy ourselves will change. This is a lot to take in, assimilate, and then move forward from.

Image from Unsplash

It’s at times when we’re at a loss that we look to others for guidance. When I was journalling earlier this week, I thought about all the inspiring women today that I have looked to, and continue to look to when I don’t know what the hell is going on.

These inspiring women have sparked something in me that’s changed my perspective on my approach to life. This has either been through their actions, their words, or simply being their brilliant selves. My list of inspiring women includes my circle of best and close friends, authors, online content creators and female relatives. I’m sure you can think of a similar set of women that inspire you too.

Image from Unsplash

This lead me to thinking that perhaps we should be approaching this situation from the point of view of our favourite female role models. Can their words relight the fire in us that’s threatening to burn out?

Below are a set of inspiring quotes for women by well known females both past and present. Perhaps by taking their words to heart we can find the inner strength to forge our own path through the unknown.

The best thing to hold on to in life is each other

Audrey Hepburn

Image from Unsplash

This isn’t a time for us to be shaming one another for our reactions to something that scares the majority. It also isn’t a time to be comparing your productivity with someone else’s. Even though we can’t physically be together, being together in spirit is arguably what us Brits do best.

Whether that’s through keeping connected via calls and quizzes with our friends and family, or clapping every Thursday evening for the NHS, let’s hold on to each other, rather than push one another away.

Above all, be the heroine in your life, not the victim

Nora Ephron

Image from Unsplash

It’s easy for us to think that we’re the most worst off in our individual at home situations. Balancing home schooling your kids while working from home, (or working as usual -thank you key workers) being furloughed worker with lots of empty time to fill, self employed worrying about how your livelihood will survive, or dealing with the unthinkable when someone you know develops serious symptoms. Worry and stress is something that we all share at the moment on varying levels.

However, thinking about things solely from your own point of view isn’t healthy. If you and your family and friends are all safe and well, then you’re doing okay. Yes, this situation will continue to be challenging on so many different levels, but having the perspective that we’re all going through the storm together, can help you show up for yourself and those close to you, with a more positive mindset.

I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life

Louise Hay

Image from Unsplash

I know I can’t be the only one at the moment using all this ‘extra’ time to reflect on how I’m going to do better for myself in the future.

I’ll be trusting my gut instincts more – grabbing hold of opportunities that arise, going on that trip I’ve always wanted to, making memories with loved ones, and generally just living the best life I can. Without wanting to sounding morbid, there’s nothing like a global pandemic to change the way you approach life, as it shows you that it can be taken away in a second.

It’s not the absence of fear, it’s overcoming it. Sometimes you’ve got to blast through and have faith

Emma Watson

Image from Unsplash

When hoards of Brits were filling up their shopping trolleys with toilet roll and hand sanitiser a few weeks ago, it was no doubt through fear. The fear of catching COVID-19 lurks in the background of our minds, keeping us alert and tense. Coupled with the knowledge that thousands have already lost their lives to it, the reality can feel heart-breaking.

However, there is hope. Countries are starting to recover, lock down restrictions are starting to be eased and there’s talk of curves being flattened. We may not be quite out of the worst of the storm yet, but other countries are making tentative steps out into the sunshine, laying the path for us to follow them. We’ve made it through this far, and they’re proof that we can make it further.

We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power already: we have the power to imagine better

J. K Rowling

Image from Unsplash

Some images that have stuck with me throughout this pandemic are of the change in the World’s environment – Venice’s canals clear and swimming with dolphins, and satellite images of decreasing carbon emissions. This has only been achieved by us staying at home.

The pandemic has also seen us looking out for the elderly and vulnerable members of our community more, taking the time to check in with friends and family that we may have previously neglected, and lets face it, getting out in nature way more than we would have done before.

I hope that after the worst of this is over, we can, like J.K Rowling says, have the power to imagine better – to slow ourselves down enough in our day to day so that these new habits we’ve formed stick with us, because I think we’ll all be so much happier and healthier for it.

Do any of these quotes resonate with you? Share what your favourite is and why in the comments.

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Why Daily Rituals Are So Powerful

My boyfriend will be the first to tell you that I’m a big fan of a routine – he’s very familiar with all of mine!

Having an anxious mind, I find comfort in the expectation that I will be doing the same thing at pretty much the same time every day. Before lock down, when I was getting up and out for work, you could literally have set your clock by me because I had my morning routine down to an art!

Image from Unsplash

The Science

There’s science to back up just how powerful routines and rituals are for us as well. As I’ve already touched on, they reduce our stress levels and aid our mental health because by doing them we feel more in control. This helps us deal better with change too. (something there is obviously a lot of at the moment)

Having daily rituals in place means that you can be intentional with how you spend your time – you make time for what’s important to you, and more often than not, build up a set of healthy habits in the process.

My Experience

Way before any one had uttered the words Corona Virus, I was first introduced to the idea of a morning routine through the book called The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. (worth a read if you’re curious on this subject) It suggested that those who got up and were intentional and productive with the first hour of their day, lead more successful lives.

Image from Unsplash

Although I didn’t stick to everything that was suggested in the book, I gave it a go as I was interested to see what the affects would be. The general feeling I’ve had since then is that I have a much more positive day when I’ve taken the time to do a few rituals that are important to me in the morning. What those rituals are and how long I do them for has changed over the years – bending and shaping to fit with my work hours and levels of energy. I’ve added rituals to the end of my day now too.

What’s important to me, will more than likely be different than what’s important to you, but I hope that by sharing what my daily rituals look like at the moment, you’re inspired to incorporate some rituals into your own day. Even taking as little as 15 minutes for yourself to build a set of rituals that brings you calm and replenishes your energy is worth it.

Morning Rituals

Image from Unsplash

I’m not a morning person, and one of the perks of lock down as a furloughed worker is that I can extend my morning routine. I have been able to include activities that I didn’t have the time for when I was trying to get up and out the door within an hour. To be honest I’ve needed a structure to my mornings during lock down, especially when my mood is lower, as it’s the comfort and familiarity that I need.

The order these come in and the amount of time I spend on them varies slightly depending on my mood and how tired I’m feeling – this series of rituals could take up the majority of the day if I really wanted them to, and sometimes that’s all I achieve, but I always feel better for it.

>> Get up, make a cuppa and have breakfast. I’m one of those people that feels sick if I don’t eat first thing, so I do.

>> Whilst eating breakfast I catch up on the latest posts from bloggers I’m following on Bloglovin. (you can follow me on there too, wink wink) It inspires me to see what my peers are doing.

Image from Unsplash

>> Write in my 6-minute diary 3 things that I’m grateful for, what I plan to do that day, and a positive affirmation. This sets me up in the right mindset for the day, as I’m already setting positive intentions.

>> Write for a least 10 minutes using a prompt from the journal prompts jar that I created. I basically searched online for journal prompts that resonated with me most, wrote them on slips of paper, and put them in a jar. I did this because I had the realisation recently that I’m in my head a lot at the moment, and not writing enough to let the jumbled mess of thoughts in my head all out. I’m finding at the moment that this time writing often provides me with inspiration for my blog posts and Instagram content too.

>> Finish off the last of my cuppa, (and more than likely start on a second) whilst reading. How long I read for and what I read depends on the kind of mood I’m in. Even when I was at my busiest and getting up at 6.30am daily for work, I would always make time for at least 10 minutes of reading in the morning. I’m an avid reader, and it was, and still is, such a comforting feeling to slow down and spend time reading in the morning. At the moment the novel I’m reading is Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes, and personal development wise I’m reading Calm by Fearne Cotton.

Image from Unsplash

>> I find a quiet, comfortable spot in the flat to meditate. How I approach meditation also varies. Through the week I often find that I just concentrate on breathing techniques, whereas on the weekends I’ll ‘treat’ myself to a longer guided meditation. I’m not going to lie, some days it can be a struggle to just focus on my breath as I have so many thoughts floating around in my head, however, I do always feel that little bit better for having done it, even if it’s just for 3 minutes. If you’re interested in meditating, I would recommend searching on YouTube for ones that suit your vibe best – some are more intense than others.

>> Do an at-home work out. Again this can vary depending on my mood, and can be anything from HIIT workouts, (mainly with the Body Coach) to yoga, or just peddling away on our exercise bike. I find that exercising gives me an often much needed energy and mood boost to get me though the rest of the day – I’m a sucker for the endorphin high afterwards.

>> Shower, get dressed, and do my beauty routine whilst listening to a podcast. I used to listen to podcasts on my way to work, but that obviously went out of the window as soon as I became furloughed. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find a point in my day to fit in listening to them, as it’s something I’ve missed. I like to listen to podcasts that challenge my way of thinking and get me into a reflective mindset, such as Happy Place, Deliciously Ella and How to Fail with Elizabeth Day.

Image from Unsplash

The Rest of the Day

Having completed my morning rituals the rest of my day has more fluidity to it. If I’m not feeling too anxious about the amount of people that are around, I’ll go for a walk. More than likely I’ll spend some time working on a project – whether it’s my blog and the social media content that goes with it, or tidying up and cleaning the flat.

They’ll also be some relaxing time thrown in, like more reading, watching an episode or two of a series on Netflix, or, if my boyfriend isn’t working, challenging him to a game of Crash Bandicoot racing.

Evening Rituals

This is the part of the day that I’ll admit I could benefit from adding more rituals into, especially as I’ve not been sleeping particularly well recently. It’s a work in progress shall we say.

Image from Unsplash

>> I’ve found that whenever I have a bath in the evening, I sleep better, so I’m keen to keep this as something that I do daily during lock down. I think it’s because it signals to my body that it’s time to start winding down, coupled with the fact that even on cooler evenings I feel warm and cosy afterwards. I like to use my time in the bath as another opportunity to read, and I’ll light a candle with a relaxing scent too.

>> Write in my 6 minute diary again – this time I’ll note down my good deed for the day, something I could improve on and the great things that I experienced that day. Reflecting back on my day helps me to find the positive moments – even if they were just little simple things that I enjoyed or that went well.

Do you have rituals as part of your day? Which rituals do you find most beneficial? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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How To Keep Calm In Uncertain Times

I think it’s a common theme with us all right now that we’re not sure how we’ll wake up feeling from one day to the next. With still so much uncertainty about the future, and the brutal reality of the impact on our beloved NHS, the emotional rollercoaster caused by the c-bomb is very real right now.

For example, one day at the end of last week I woke up feeling anxious, but couldn’t really figure out why. I’d had a ‘good’ week so far – in that it was fairly productive and I’d spoken to people in my life I cared about, and they were all safe and well. However, I continued to have a tightness in my chest, and was on the edge of tears for the rest of the day. Perhaps it was a manifestation of how guilty I’ve been feeling that things in my life are as okay as they can be considering the current situation, when for so many others it’s the polar opposite.

Whatever it was, I knew I had to lean in to it. It’s absolutely okay and to be expected that we’ll feel a range of emotions at the moment, and some days we’ll even swing violently between them.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed by certain thoughts and/or out of control, the below tips are how I’ve helped myself ride out a day of feeling anxious, and ended up going to bed feeling a little calmer. I know coping with anxiety is no one-size fits all solution, but I hope these tips will be ideas you can build on to find what works best for you.

I Listen to my Favourite Podcast

Image from Unsplash

When you’re on the edge of tears, it makes sense to do things that will lift your mood. My go-to podcast that has me laughing out loud is Shagged Married Annoyed with comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie. (they’re both worth a follow on Insta too) You’ll be introduced to the Beef family, and be equally appalled and astonished at the questions and stories from the public – they’re not for the easily offended! Or, just search for comedy podcasts on Spotify and you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste.

I Workout

Image from Unsplash

Even if I don’t feel like it beforehand, I always feel better after a workout. For me, it’s a chance to switch off and just focus on what exercise comes next. The endorphin boost afterwards also gives me the little bit of energy I need even on bad days to get something ‘productive’ done, and that makes me feel better about myself. I like picking workouts from Joe Wick’s (aka the nation’s PE teacher) YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV. There are so many online workouts available right now, so pick one that feels right for you and your fitness levels.

I Dance

Image from Unsplash

As I’ve grown up taking dance classes, this is a sure fire way to put a smile on my face. Give me some decent pop music (80s preferably) and I’ll be shaking my bum for sure. It’s one of the few activities that I do that I feel I can really let go with. Why not make a playlist of your favourite tunes and blast them out whenever you need a boost? Then dance like no one is watching!

I Clean

Image from Unsplash

I like to mix this with the dancing, as it makes mundane cleaning tasks that much more enjoyable. Similar to working out, there’s something about cleaning that makes me zone out and forget about everything else. I also get a lot of satisfaction from seeing my flat transform from a cluttered mess to a clean haven that smells great. It brings me a sense of control and comfort back too. For a little cleaning inspiration, I would definitely recommend giving @mrshinchhome a follow on Instagram. She openly admits that she cleans to calm herself down, and makes it fun too.

I Read

Image from Unsplash

Last week when I was feeling anxious I soaked in the bath and read The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary. Being able to escape into a totally different world helped to distract away from how I was feeling, and I could feel the tightness fading in my chest. If it’s a good story, I will read it, and perhaps unsurprisingly at the moment I’m getting through books more rapidly than ever. (if you’re wondering, I give The Flat Share a 5/5) You could even try reading along with others – there are loads on online book clubs at the moment, plus it’s a way to connect with others through a like-minded community. If you struggle getting the focus to sit down and read, you could give audiobooks a try instead.

How have you been feeling so far this week? What activities do you do to help lift your mood or calm anxiety? I’d love to hear your tips too – share them in the comments.

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Top Feel-Good Films to Watch After a Bad Week

When a week has been filled with challenge after challenge and you’re mentally and physically exhausted, there’s very few better feelings than putting your pjs on, cosying up on the couch, eating rubbish, drinking [insert favourite alcoholic beverage here – in case you’re wondering, mines gin] and watching a great feel good film.

To quote and already over-quoted phrase – these are unprecedented times – the bad weeks just keep on rolling into one another at the moment. What better excuse do we need for a pick me up?

In no particular order, here are my top 5 feel good films. Best enjoyed back to back and in the way I described above.

Sex and the City the Movie

Image from Unsplash

I actually saw the first Sex and the City movie before I watched any of the series. I vividly remember kind of begrudgingly going to see it with one of my best friends. I came out of the cinema absolutely loving it – I was hooked. An addiction to the series then ensued with a purchase of the box set. My love for Cosmopolitans was validated, and I longed to be a writer like Carrie.

This film reminds me just how great the best female friendships are – supportive, honest and hilarious – and, let’s face it, we all want to be part of the dream squad (including their wardrobe) that is Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

The Greatest Showman

Image from Unsplash

Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, singing and dancing – what is there not to love?! Seriously though, the moral of this story – to treat everyone as equals and value their uniqueness – is so touching that it makes me cry. It also helps that the male leads are very easy on the eye, and that the soundtrack has you singing and dancing along every time. A winner of a film if you ask me.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Image from Unsplash

In my opinion, Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett are at their absolute finest in this film. The hilarity of the friendship of their characters is something to behold – who can forget the famous ‘Say a Little Prayer’ lunch scene?! Or Cameron and Julia fighting in the toilets? Add to that a tear-jerker of an ending and it’s a classic. One of the finest rom-coms you’ll ever see.

Dirty Dancing

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I’m going to risk saying something that I know is hugely controversial here – when I first watched Dirty Dancing (around age 12) I didn’t really get what the fuss was all about. [cue shocked intake of breath] However, I now know that I was simply too young to appreciate its greatness. I don’t think I really need to describe why I like this film so much, we all know about the iconic cast, dance routines and one liners. What clinches it for me though, is that whenever I watch it, it reminds me of my old flat mate – an amazing gal and great friend – which instantly puts a smile on my face. We used to watch it together a lot.

Legally Blonde

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This film never fails to make me feel good. What a character Elle Woods is! She reminds us all that if you want something enough, and you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything – the cheerleader (literally) that every girl needs. Plus ALL her outfits are super cute – and hello, who can forget the bend and snap?!

You’ve heard what my top 5, but I want to know how they compare with yours! Are there any you think I’ve missed? Or you don’t agree with? Share your feel good film thoughts in the comments.

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Why We Should Celebrate Small Wins

At the moment, I think it’s fair to say that even though we’re all staying at home, comparison is still king on social media.

It seems like my social feeds are full of people still appearing to live their best life – doing yet another online workout, sharing a healthy recipe, completing a home project or upping their Tik Tok game.

Kill Comparison

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Granted, this blog was born out of having so much free time on my hands it was impossible to ignore the urge to create the idea that had been in my head for months.

Nevertheless, seeing what everyone else is doing on social media has had me convincing myself that I should be spending absolutely all of my lock down time doing productive activities, because that’s clearly what the rest of the World is doing.

This of course isn’t true, and I’ve learnt this mindset comes from a lack of self-belief – something that we can all be guilty of at times – I’ve personally struggled with it for various reasons ever since I was a teenager. It therefore doesn’t make sense for us to be so hard on ourselves – we need to give ourselves a break, big time.

Take a moment to check in with how you’re feeling when you’re scrolling on your social media. If you’re feeling anxious, annoyed, angry or anything similar, consider either limiting your screen time or curating your feed so that you only see content that makes you feel good. There’s no point making an already challenging time even more challenging on your mental health.

Embrace a Slower Pace

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The pace of life has slowed down massively ever since lock down, so what constitutes a win for each of us has changed. Before all this, successfully nailing a presentation for the most senior members of the business I work for was a big win for me. Now, a big win is figuring out something technical with my blog, or having my latest bake come out of the oven looking edible and tasting half decent. On the weekend my wins included putting a load of washing on and hanging it up to dry and running the hoover round the flat for 5 mins.

Whether something is a win for you or not depends on the amount of energy you have available to give to an activity. With the constant air of uncertainty at the moment, lets face it, some days we wake up feeling meh, not really wanting to do anything at all. On days like these simply getting washed and changed out of your pjs is a win.

How to Celebrate Small Wins

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During such mentally exhausting times, celebrating your small wins can help you have the momentum you need to go from one day to the next without wanting to burst into tears every 5 minutes. Just Marie Kondo-ed your drawers? Soak in a hot bubble bath. Baked a delicious batch of scones? Sit down to enjoy them with a cup of tea and your favourite book. Did 3 online workouts this week? Binge watch a series on Netflix.

Even the smallest activities you achieve day to day should and deserve to be celebrated. We’re all doing our best with the amount of energy we have and we shouldn’t feel bad with how that manifests itself into our days.

What was your win today and how did you celebrate it? I’d love to hear, so please share in the comments.

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10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas For Easter Weekend

One of the stipulations I have with my boyfriend about our relationship is that we have at least a couple of date nights a month – ideally once a week. Ordinarily, these date nights mainly consist of dinners and drinks out, a trip to the cinema, or a competitive round or two of crazy golf.

Conventional date nights have clearly gone out of the window at the moment – yet another thing we all have to adjust to because of the c-bomb. However, I’m also very conscious that I’m spending all day every day with my boyfriend at the moment, and he’s already starting to bug me. I want to keep things fresh in the romance department so that I don’t get to the point where I loathe the sight of him!

I’ve been scouring the internet to find some ideas for at-home date ideas that won’t break the bank, and that will hopefully keep the spark alive even when cabin fever seriously sets in for us both. (these tips would also be great if you have young kids and ‘normally’ can’t go out anyway)

Here’s my top 10 for you to give a try this Easter weekend:

1. Movie Night Pot Luck

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I got this idea from the lovely @mrshinchhome on Instagram. In a slight change to a standard movie night, her and her husband wrote down 5 films each that they wanted to watch. They folded each of the films they had written down up and put them in a jar. They then take it in turns to pick a film to watch in the evening. No more fighting over what to watch!

2. Board/Card Games

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I have to admit that when we’ve been skint at the end of the month, me and the boyfriend have done this before. It’s amazing how a game of Scrabble can become so heated – the dictionary has come out on more than one occasion! You could also play The Game of Life, Monopoly, or your favourite card game.

3. Ask Questions

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There are all sorts of conversation starter card decks you can buy online to build a stronger connection with your other half – anything from reminiscing on moments you’ve shared, to pondering the big questions in life, or conversations to get you in the mood. (ahem)

4. Have a Tasting Party

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This could be anything from wine, chocolate, ice-cream or cheese. Set up tasting stations in your living room or kitchen complete with little note pads for each of your tasting notes.

5. At Home Spa Date

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This idea is one I’m keen to try – run a lovely bubble bath for you to both and share a bottle of prosecco while you soak. If you’re feeling especially romantic you could then move on to giving each other massages with essential oils. Or, you could apply face masks to one another.

6. Country Themed Dinner Date

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Cook together to create a meal from your chosen country. To keep on the lock down theme (sorry I had to go there) you could try making home made pizzas, (Italy) paella (Spain) or a sweet and sour curry. (China)

7. Karaoke

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I would definitely be up for this, (I used to play Disney SingStar as part of pre-drinks with certain pals when I went on nights out in my early 20s) however, I’m sadly resigned to the fact that this one won’t be an option for me – my boyfriend just isn’t the type to enjoy this kind of thing. If, on the other hand, you and your other half are up for giving this a go, try searching for karaoke versions of songs on YouTube and google the lyrics to go with them, then sing your hearts out!

8. Picnic

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This suggestion is great if you actually have a back garden or balcony to make things that little bit more authentic – weather permitting of course. Although it could still work just as well on the floor in your living room. Set yourselves up with a blanket, some cushions, and all your favourite picnic style food. To keep things very British I’m thinking quiche, scotch eggs, sandwiches, and strawberries and cream.

9. Video Game Challenge

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It tells you the type of man that I live with that he would be absolutely buzzing if we tried this idea as a date night. Go head to head with your partner at game of your (or lets face it his) choice. I’m pestering my boyfriend to help me re-live my childhood and buy Crash Bandicoot Team Racing so we can battle it out on the track.

10. Build a Den

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I know this one probably sounds the most ridiculous, but bear with me, because I actually think it would make for a cute night together. Use your sofa cushions, blankets, duvets and chairs to make yourselves a little den. Add fairy lights to give it a more romantic touch, then cosy up and make bucket list plans of all the exciting things you’ll do together once things return back to ‘normal’. Bonus – if you have children you can leave this up for them to use as a den/fort the next day.

Which of these lock down date ideas are you keen to try? I’d love to hear if you have ideas of your own too – add them in the comments.

Why We Should Listen to Winnie-the-Pooh

Like pretty much every other person I see on social media just now, my boyfriend and I have signed up for the Disney+ free 7 day trial that’s on offer at the moment. (well done Disney for taking advantage of a time when literally everyone is at home watching TV)

Although I will most definitely be taking the time to catch up on my favourite 90s classics, (hello Aladdin & Little Mermaid) the first film I picked to view was one of their newer offerings – Christopher Robin. This post isn’t a film review, but if you’re after some feel good nostalgia and sentimentality then it’s worth a watch.

The main quote that’s stuck with me from the film was from Pooh himself – “Doing nothing often leads to the very best something”. I think it’s stayed with me because it’s so apt for how I feel we should be approaching the c-word situation we find ourselves in right now.

Doing nothing often leads to the very best something

The End of Busy

Busy has always been a buzz word associated with being successful – our societies thrive on being constantly on the go. However, things couldn’t be more drastically different now – there are literally hundreds and thousands of us stuck at home, with a lot more free time on our hands and no where to go.

That kind of frantic busy doesn’t exist at this point in time, and a lot of us are finding the ‘doing nothing’ that Pooh describes very difficult. But what if we allowed ourselves this time to breathe and decompress – allow the weight of a normally manic schedule to be lifted? What’s left could be seen as scary – what’s our purpose if we don’t have the structure of the routines we’ve become so comfortable with to cling on to?

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Your Head Space

Maybe we will have the mental head space to thrive – creative project ideas will come to the fore, new hobbies that bring us joy will come to light, and quality time will be spent nurturing our family and romantic relationships. I know myself that these are things I never could have anticipated I would have had the time to explore properly when we started out in 2020.

There’s a popular opinion circulating online that the main characters in Winnie-the-Pooh (and indeed the Christopher Robin film) are representations of different mental health issues. For example, Tiger has ADHD, Piglet anxiety, and Eeyore depression. I would have to say that I agree.

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Find Your Character

The human condition is prone to all these different facets of mental health. I identify most with Piglet – my first reaction to the c-bomb was worry, fear and stress. Now that I’ve had a little time to begin to come to terms with the fact there’s so much out of our control right now, I am keen to embrace my inner Pooh bear and let Piglet fade into the background.

As well as being kind and loving, Pooh is seen as being impulsive. By being fully present in each moment, he makes sure that every moment of nothing leads to the very best something – he’s swept away in the glorious opportunities that are presented to him right there and then. Moments to appreciate what we have, our friends and family, and the nature around us.

Which Winnie-the-Pooh character do you identify most with? And how will you be making sure your moments of nothing lead to the very best something? Share in the comments below.