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I’m passionate about championing resilience. Having been through so much change myself, including getting divorced and being made redundant, I know how lost you can feel when life throws you a curve ball.

What I share in this blog is all based on my own experience of becoming more resilient; finding the strength to bounce back after each set back and disappointment.

I want to empower you to nurture that same resilience. To get back up and get what you want out of life after a massive period of change. You’ll notice that to do that I share lessons I’ve learnt, practical advice and words I wish I’d heard.

You can expect to see a new post every Friday. In the meantime, previous posts are organised into the categories of self-care and mental health. That’s because when you feel lost these are the things that I think you need to be most aware of. A starting point if you will, for building that inner strength we all have inside us.

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