About Me

Meet The Yorkshire Bird

Hello, I’m Francine Smith, the woman behind The Yorkshire Bird.

I’m a 30-something from Sheffield who’s been living up in Edinburgh, Scotland for almost a decade.

I found myself struggling with my mental health after my marriage ended almost 3 years ago. I felt ashamed that I was struggling to cope mentally and often found myself feeling anxious and stressed.

I want to grow this blog so that I can help other women struggling to cope with their mental health during challenging times, feel more in control of and content with their lives.

I hope by sharing my own struggles, stories, and self-care tips with honesty and kindness , that you’ll feel less alone on your own mental health journey. I’ll look to provide you with positive inspiration as you navigate through whatever challenge you’re currently facing.

Find me on Instagram @theyorkshirebird and we can be friends.


Fran x